Styles for Sample


Styles for Sample

Jackets are an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. They instantly raise the formality of any outfit, can hide any number or torso challenges and can unite two unrelated upper and lower garments. Double breasted jackets are less commonly in fashion and have a more formal/dressy image than single breasted jackets, due to their military origin. Double breasted jackets are also not suitable to be worn open as their front panels will fall awkwardly. Single breasted jackets are by far the most versatile and have been able to be adapted to many more styles. When needing to give a business wardrobe a revamp, start with adding new tops, blouse and jackets, as they will be noticed first.

- Jackets that are accessorised by detailing will focus attention on your top half. Down play your bottom half with simple lines, colour and detailing.

- For double breasted jackets ensure the suit fabric is lightweight and smooth.

- Do not select jackets with very rounded hemlines or those with wide inverted 'V' openings, as they will make you appear wider and heavier at the hemline.

- For the slimmest appearance look for medium to dark colours, fine weaves solid colours, subtle patterns, non-bulky fabrics and perfect fit. In addition by adding an `eyes-up' accessory such as a scarf, pin, necklace coloured collar etc, all the attention will be focused on your upper body.

- Your vertical proportions make contoured jackets more flattering for you than stiff boxy styles. Choose medium to medium long jackets whenever possible.

- Draw attention to your waistline by choosing jackets with waist definition.