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Shorts extending to the middle of the thigh.

Probably the easiest of all the short lengths and styles to wear.

Can be any length from 5 cms (2 ins) to 15 cms (4 ins) above the knee.

Your best styles do not have cuffs, as these will add a horizontal line to your thigh. Look for medium to dark colours for all your shorts and avoid bold checks, plaids and patterns.

Styles for Sample

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Any garment that has the potential to show off uncovered flesh should be carefully considered. Shorts are such a garment.


Shorts should be long enough and wide enough to cover the fullest part of your thigh. If your shorts are too short, you may discover the muscle on the inside of your thigh to be a dead give-away of your age and/or fitness level.

Wide or loose leg shorts will make the leg appear slimmer, and shorter, narrow or tight shorts will enlarge the size of the area where they end, e.g. the thigh.


The length of your shorts determines how long your leg appears to be. Shorts that are medium in width and length will be the best choice for a flattering all-around appearance.


Tailored and boxer styles show more leg and therefore lengthen and slim the leg, while knee-length Bermudas or city shorts visually shorten and add weight.


Ankle boots and socks diminish apparent leg length, while open sandals and thongs add leg length. Solid-coloured shorts in medium to dark shades slim the bottom and thighs, while bright colours and plaids have the potential to create 'thunder thighs'!

To select your best styles, we have taken into consideration the following factors:

  • Your horizontal body type.
  • Your vertical body type.
  • Your weight.
  • Your height.
  • Your age.
  • Any bottom, thigh or leg prominent features.